Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes reports that lower back pain causes more on the job injuries than any other disability. Around 80% of all people will experience pain in their lower back. These people know just how excruciating the pain can be; how it puts a damper on the day’s plans all too often. If you have back pain bradenton fl you probably wonder why it is occurring and how to stop it.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

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There are many causes of lower back pain.  Three of the most common causes of lower back pain:

·    Disc Injury: There are discs found throughout the back. They’re all at risk of injury, especially as you get older. The disc may tear or rupture and if it does, it is usually quiet painful.

·    Muscle Strains: If you strain the muscles and ligaments in the back or if they tear or stretch too quickly, you can experience back pain and stiffness. There are other complaints that come with you’ve strained the muscles as well, so be prepared to feel pain with a muscle strain.

·    Sciatica: This is a problem that occurs with a herniated disc and is caused by the sciatic nerve pressing against the spine. You may also feel pain in the feet and/or in the legs with the condition.

This is a very small list of complaints that cause lower back pain, but it is a look at some of the most common. If you are bothered by lower back pain, it is time to talk to your doctor to find out your treatment options. While limited, you may have health treatments that can minimize some of the pain and help you get back to the life that you want to live.