Clear Braces Have Clear Advantages Over Other Types

Hearing the news that braces are needed is devastating to a teenager. It is a difficult age, one in which appearance is important.  It’s bad enough that they’ve endured problems with the alignment of the teeth, but to now hear a corrective device is needed to correct the problem is disheartening. Luckily, the options for oral braces make the news a little easier to bear for teens.

There are several types of braces for teens to use to correct their misalignment issues, but it is Clear Braces that wins over the hearts of most patients. As the name suggests, these braces are clear, which is far easier to use than a bulky metal brace that sticks out in the mouth like a sore thumb. But, that’s only the beginning of advantages that Clear Braces, also called Invisalign, bring to the patient.

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The braces are removable, giving the patient the freedom to brush their teeth and minimize decay of the natural teeth.  Being able to remove the braces also gives patients the chance to eat the foods they love to eat, something that’s not always possible with some of the types of braces out there. If these benefits were not nice enough, the fact that clear braces correct misalignment issues 10x faster than other braces is sure to seal the deal and convince that this is the right type of braces for your teen.

Talk to the orthodontist lakewood to learn more about braces and Invisalign significant benefits over the other braces types.  Patients love what they hear about these braces. Most patients agree the idea of wearing braces is far less stressful when clear braces are an option to use to treat their oral health concerns. Your teen can appreciate and embrace clear braces.