3 Quick Tips for an Easier MRI Scan

Have you been injured? If so, you may have to go and get some testing done in order to explore the amount of damage that your doctor may need to take care of. MRI’s are a common way to look at soft tissue damage, but some people can feel stress or anxiety around the whole thing. How can you make the process less stressful or anxiety inducing? Here are a few quick trips.

1. Request an Open MRI

Finding a place that has an open MRI scanner is actually a really good idea if you’re worried about being in a closed space. There is likely one of these within a reasonable distance of your medical care facility, so try to get it scheduled there to help reduce your fear or panic.

2. Choose Your Music and Bring a Sleeping Mask

If you want to relax, choose the music that you listen to – you usually get a pair of headphones so that you can enjoy some tunes during your scan. Get something relaxing in your ears and it’ll help. Also, consider wearing some sort of sleeping mask. The darkness will make it a little less nerve-wracking to just be lying there during your scan.

open MRI scanner

3. Consider Sedation

Sometimes, you can get light sedation in order to get through a scanning procedure. Talk with your doctor ahead of time to make sure that this could possibly be an option that makes sense for your situation and needs.

MRI’s can be stressful, but if you consider your options and work out what it is that you need to do to make the process a little easier, you will find that there are a lot of ways in which you can get through it without feeling too much stress or anxiety.